Renovation and Conservation

of Antique Furniture, Monuments




We renovate castles, palaces, mansions, hotels and churches (see) connected to your request with a full-size furnishing in a suitable arrangement. (View)

For many years the main specialization of  “Antyk-Styl” company is the restoration of furniture, antique restoration, maintenance and reconstruction of antique furniture, pianos, grand pianos, altars, etc...

Restoring furniture is a way to overturn the former look of precious and unique antiques. During the process of antiques restoration our specialists apply special techniques in line with the old methods of the masters furniture, so we are able to restore the natural appearance and uniqueness before the tens or hundreds of years.

We renovate stylish wooden interiors, we renew the historic property, at your request, we combine it with a full-size furnishing in a suitable arrangement.

The offer is addressed to owners of historic hotels, restaurants, mansions, residences, houses, taverns, inns, objects of religious cult, (churches, chapels, monasteries, etc...) and other historic sites, both private and public.

Renovation, reconstruction, maintenance, sacristy windows, doors, stairs, floors, ceilings, paneling, cassettes and other antique wooden furnishings. Renovation is completed in a full range...


We make copies of antiques, antique furniture and others ...

"Antyk-Styl" company made complete copies of the furnishings in the Louis Philippe style, the Gallery of Polish Art of the nineteenth century in the city's "Cloth Hall," commissioned by the National Museum in Cracow.



Comprehensiveness and professionalism of our services combined with the knowledge and experience in restoration of antique furniture allows us to provide services in accordance to art renovating at the highest level.

Wood has been the most popular material for furniture production, but has one flaw, it does not affect cherished hand of passing time. To serve us for many years they must be adequately protected, and here you can count on us.

Renovation of furniture is usually associated with repairing cracked, scratched or broken parts. Renewing and restoring objects of religious altars, benches, carvings, confessionals, and antique wooden interiors, etc...

Remember that the renovation of furniture and antique restoration for its own account, you may end up with irreversible damage to the texture of antiquity, as well as renovation of furniture is free of any chemical means.

With years of experience and use of traditional methods and materials used by ancient craftsmen we have confidence in the quality of our work. Restore the splendor of antique furniture.

Thanks to our professionals for whom their work is passion, and for whom the renovation and restoration of antique furniture is known from the inside, you have the guarantee of quality of our services, at the highest level. For our experts - renovation of antiquities has no secrets!

Our work stands out from the works from other studios, incredible precision - craftsmanship, respecting the principles of the ancient craft of furniture.

Furniture has a soul, we nurture the soul...

Our work impresses with greatness both at home and abroad, in private homes and public institutions.

We accept and execute orders from all over the country and abroad.

If you have in your home antique furniture, antiques which need renovation or restoration welcome to us. Our experts will address the full restoration of furniture entrusted to us.

Renovation and restoration of antiques at: antique furniture - The style is a guarantee itself. Number of satisfied customers continues to grow, and if you want to enjoy the beautiful look of restored furniture, call!

We are happy to have our own transport and a free valuation for renovation - furniture production.

Our restoration work has been known in the foreign market in France by minimum of one of the greatest works of art connoisseurs.

If you would like to see the restoration of antiques and furniture restoration you are welcome to the gallery below. However, if you are interested in office furniture, hotel furniture, furnishings in the Henrician style and Antyk-Styld furniture, please visit the tab “furniture production”.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to use our services.

For questions, please contact us. phone no: +48 605 211 470

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